The end of the J Edward Oliver strip J Edward Oliver wrote: At the beginning of November, 1977, when I went into the RM office as usual to deliver my work, I was told that my strip would end in a couple of weeks. One problem about being self-employed is that they don't have to give you much notice! With the rise in popularity of punk music, my style was considered no longer appropriate. However, the editor, Alf Martin, did give me one last opportunity to come up with a new cartoon that would fit in better with the punk image. Of course, it is possible that they'd decided to dispense with my services no matter what, but I did produce two new strips, either one of which I hoped might fit the bill. Didn't work, though, and these sample cartoons have lain in my vaults, unseen, until now. The first one is slightly unusual in that it's one of the rare strips that I drew with a brush, a common technique with other cartoonists, but very different from my own painstaking style with ultra-fine technical drawing pens. Here is the second strip. The content, though not the style, may be familiar: