The origin of everything I had the idea for this series donkey's years ago (which, at my age, means a very long time). I planned it as a weekly strip and thought I might offer it to Tit Bits, which at the time was a light-hearted family magazine and not the soft porn title into which it mutated. Didn't get round to it of course, though. They are, obviously, the type of puns that featured in my record paper strips. I've always felt I have a talent for the world's worst jokes. I was probably inspired by the Radio 4 panel game, My Word, at the end of which Frank Muir and Denis Norden were given a quotation which they had to use as a punch line. One of their best was "You can't have your kayak and heat it". However, I think they cheated. I believe that listeners wouldn't have been able to understand them if they hadn't been told the original phrase first. I set myself the task of making the "Origins" comprehensible without having had to be previously primed.