August 2003 "Using 3-D and holographic techniques usually only affordable in Hollywood blockbusters"..."The pen is dead, say hello to the holographic imagery of the future" - Excerpts from the Daily Star's plug for their "great new 3D cartoon strip, Big Shot", which starts tomorrow (Monday). I don't believe a word of it. Looks like just a copy of The Sun's aforementioned "Striker". November 2003 Hello there, Peter. I'm back - and tired out. I don't think holidays are good for you. Thank you for your intervening messages. I've never come across the Harold Lloyd book: from where did you get it? The French item was interesting but in French. I've had a new idea myself for potentially using the printer to print 3D. My preliminary tests seem positive but I still haven't got my new printer. In Exeter, I managed to buy another Imax 3D DVD, "Encounter in the 3rd Dimension", which I did once see at the Imax cinema. Their screen is bigger than mine. April 2004 Believe it or not, Peter, there IS a forthcoming color episode of The Invisible... But to say more would give away the game. Suffice it to say, you'll have to wait a year or more for the strip I tried when nobody would buy 'The Invisible Man'. A 3-D episode, though? I must admit I hadn't thought of that and like the sound of it. Since the IM has already made his non-debut in Fresco, maybe I could try it there. In the meantime, however, next weekend's Fresco should be of particular interest to you. Back to 3-D, I was flushed with excitement to find that there's a "3DCombine" CD-Rom with the current Digital Camera Magazine, which claims to convert stereo pairs into red/blue anaglyphs. As you know, I've been searching for a way of doing this for years (approx. 51) and hoped to use it for drawings as well as photos. I've just loaded the program and can't find any mention of converting to, or printing as, anaglyphs. I've e-mailed the author and hope for help. His web site is What I CAN do is to convert a stereo pair taken on my Loreo camera to... a stereo pair. Although it will swap the pictures round and make them into a single jpeg, so it can be viewed by crossing your eyes. Not at all what the magazine had led me to believe, though. It said, "To view your 3D image, you simply print it out and acquire or make a pair of 3D viewing glasses, or you could just hold colour acetate in front of each of your eyes." I'm hoping the upgrade might do it. Here is my first attempt - without using all the refinements! Should be able to supply you with Color 3D photos of Fresco, when time permits. This is Jenny, the dog that preceded Flossie, Lord Sidcup (though don't tell her).