Letters on his history Over the years, Jack mentioned in e-mails many things that had happened to him during his career. November 2002 One of my prime sources of income is taking part in a fortnightly telephone survey for a firm called Taylor Nelson Sofres. Every two months, they send me a magazine and a five pound note. The magazine requests submissions from readers, and I thought I'd send them a strip, based on the interviews. Well, you never know who might see it. It's difficult to keep ideas in check, however, and I finished up drawing them six. Sadly, I don't expect they'll be prepared to pay for them! With Best Wishes for a Happy December 13th
February 2003 This is the only Fresco A4 poster (drawn for the same daughter of a friend) of which I have a copy. I just re-drew a reader's idea from the Instant Garbage column. A full colour version exists, but sadly I haven't got it.